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Who We are

The International Development Fund for Economy and Culture is a global fund that finances startup and cultural programs, turning promising research projects from top universities and research institutes into startups or building new hubs of culture in the countries of our investors.


Our mission is to make contributions to Science, the Economy, and Culture in the countries of our investors by building the innovation hubs of tomorrow. We are politically independent and impartial, yet highly engaged in our co-operations with political leaders.


We foster and support the next generation of business and efficiently allocate capital to receive great effects relative to the investment. We find individual investment opportunities for our investor-countries to enable their governments to reach their goals sustainably.


We bring the greatest talents from the world's leading universities and research institutions to the countries of our investors. Together we combine and connect different fields of research to find new innovative approaches to shape success in different cultures.


We bring the academic and business worlds closer together and provide academic and research institutions with new capital to further scientific progress. We support the interdisciplinary and international relevance of research institutions in society.


We offer incubation-accelerator programs for startups and cultural projects in their early stages, often before they are legally founded. We help scientists, educators, artists, and founders to create sustainable long-term oriented organizations.

Startups and Businesses

Together with our partners, we help research-startups and small companies to put together a strong team and bring their products into markets by raising funding, providing incubation-accelerator programs, offering, or discounts and access to the products and services of our global partner network.

We are co-founders and co-investors. We bring business intelligence and a large network to your project and help you throughout all phases of your growing business.

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Education, Sports, and Culture

Coming soon.

If you are already interested in our programs that are designed specifically to bring educational programs, sport clubs and schools, cultural centers, and talents into new countries, send us an email to

Get involved

Interested in working with us? We are always on the look for investors, new startups projects, and strategic partnerships.


Become an investor and help us support the county of your choice. We bring innovative startups and top talents from all over the world to you. Our investors choose the industry and focus that they want and we build a custom startup and company portfolio for them. We source our startups and investment opportunities from the world's leading research institutions and universities.

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We turn your research project, startup, or company into a sustainable business. We help you to build a team, your business and financial plans, prototyping, financing, and much more. We will be co-founders and partners in your business and support you every step of the way - without charging any money up front.

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We offer partnerships to co-investors that get access to our investments, to corporations that offer their products and services to our startups, to Universities whose research projects we can turn into sustainable businesses, as well as media and  strategic partners.

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We are currently building our programs designed specifically to bring educational, sports, and cultural programs into the countries of our investors.

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