“The global productivity growth we saw in the last centuries relied not on science alone, but also the ability to manage, distribute, and organize scientific research and bring it into society.”

Maximilian Carl Friede

(IDFEC Founder and Executive Chairman)

Join our collaborative and government-backed initiative. Help us create the innovation hubs of tomorrow - cross-culturally, interdisciplinary, and truly transnational. Our Premium Corporate Partners support our startups with mentoring, discounts, and industry insights.


Universities and Research Institutions

We work closely with universities and research institutions in various ways: most of our cooperation-agreements include our dedication to financial support for research projects that are ready to be turned into startups, working with career centers to hire student graduates and scientists to match them to the needs of our startup portfolio, or exchanging technical insights, expertise, and experience.

Non-Profits and Public Organizations

We cooperate with many organizations to discuss solutions to the world's big challenges, that impact society in the long-run. Our partnerships with non-profits are usually based on joining efforts to make local and global impacts through innovative, new projects and startups. We are always interested to take advantage of synergies between our partners' and our network.

Private Sector

Most of our partners are from the private sector who support us and our startups. We cooperate with companies from all industries that usually offer our startups discounts and mentors and gain access to investment opportunities and new customers through our portfolio.

Co-Investors, VCs, and Startup Partners

IDFEC invests its own funds into the companies in its portfolio. While IDFEC is often one of the first investors in a startup, we always welcome co-investment opportunities. We also work together with private equity companies, other startup accelerators, and incubators to bring more resources to ideas, research, or startups that have the potential to make meaningful impacts.

If you are also interested in becoming our partner, contact us at partners@idfec.org.


Together with our partners, we bring a lot of value to our startups and our investors. Partners usually offer special access to mentors and product discounts to our startups .

Founders Space

Founders Space is the world’s leading Global Incubator + Accelerator. With over 50 partners in 22 countries.
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Germela Group

GERMELA is a full-range consultancy that offers corporate, legal, and tax advisory services in Europe, the Middle East, and in Asia.
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Google is a technology company that specializes in Internet-related services and products, including online advertising, search, cloud computing, web software, and hardware.
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JTA Holding

JTA Holding is a Quatar-based investment and financing consultation holding that has major offices in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, North America, and Asia.
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Mithridat Healthcare

Mithridat Healthcare provides holistic healthcare consulting services to public and private institutions in the Middle East.
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Red Homa

Red Homa is a procurement company that works with the Red Crescent in the Middle East supplying them with all the products they need to fulfill their missions.
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Startupbootcamp is a network of industry-focused startup accelerators. It was founded in 2010 and now operates over 20 industry-focused programs globally.
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WZR is a global law firm that offers legal consulting on many different practice areas in Europe, the Middle East, North America, and Asia.
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