Public Relations Manager


We are looking for a full-time Public Relations Manager to help us with key media relations initiatives, who will work to execute our overall public relations network and media strategy, which are based on targeting global players in scientific research, politics, culture, and economy.

About IDFEC:

The International Development Fund for Economy and Culture (IDFEC) is a global startup incubator and accelerator. IDFEC is specialized in turning promising research projects from top universities and research institutes into startups that are brought into the countries of our investors. IDFEC investors are mostly public government funds as well as large organizations and institutions for and with whom IDFEC establishes the “innovation hubs” of the future. IDFEC helps startups to build a founding team and bring their discoveries into the markets by supporting early-stage funding, providing accelerator programs, and office spaces or discounts from corporate partners.

The role:

The Public Relations Manager will support the strategic planning, development, and coordination of all media and public relations activities to broaden and deliver media coverage, enhancing awareness of our fund. Our key target audience are state funds and political decision-makers, as well as academic and research institutions, and businesses. The Public Relations Manager will also help in managing some general marketing tasks, while our marketing strategy is focused on creating public attention through media coverage and by broadening our network



Details such as your expectations from IDFEC will be negotiated on an individual basis.

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