How to apply to IDFEC and receive funding for your project:

1. Through our Network:

Our network of Universities and Research Institutions regularly offer us research projects to take over and turn into startups - we have first-right refusal agreement with several institutions, offering us exclusive project access. Therefore, if you are working at a university or research institution, have your professors or colleagues send us a recommendation of your project to Our experts will get in touch with you and explain the next steps.

2. Strategic Scouting:

We identify major trends together with our investment team and activate our academic and business network to actively scout business cases in the most promising sectors all over the world. Our focus areas change all the time, so unless one of our analysts already approacht you, your best bet is to apply (see below).

3. Funding Application:

Startups, entrepreneurs, and inventors regularly approach us directly, looking for an investor like IDFEC to provide capital, expertise, and acceleration programs. If you want to apply to our program, follow the link below.

Apply now

We invest in startups and small businesses in all stages and carefully evaluate them in five steps: